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                更新:2016-5-6 12:13:20      点击:
                • 产品品牌   Alphalas
                • 产品型号   UPD Series
                • 产品描述   UPD的系列超快光电探测器是最适合于从直流到25 GHz的光波形Ψ 的测量。各种型号均上升时间短15 ps和覆盖的光谱范围从170到2600纳米。...

                PDF下载 询价 申请样品



                      UPD的系列超快光电探测器是最适合于从直流到25 GHz的光波形的测量。各种型号均上升时间短15 ps和覆盖的光谱范围从170到2600纳米。





                     在我们的▼组合  的BBA系列宽带高增益放大器,高速光电检测器是有利的替代昂贵和麻烦的雪崩光电二极管。

                该UPD系列高速光电探测器是激光和光@ 子学研究不可或缺的工具。




                上升时间:从15 ps的开始

                带宽:高达25 GHz的

                光谱范围:170 - 2600纳米(紫外到红外)



                或FC / PC插座










                UPD-15-IR2-FC:超快的InGaAs PIN探测器,上升时间<15 ps的,带宽> 25 GHz的频谱≡范围800 - 1700纳米,与FC / APC连接器光纤耦合输入

                UPD-35-IR2-P,UPD-35-IR2-D:超快的InGaAs PIN光电探测器,上升时间<35 ps的,带宽> 10 GHz的频谱▓范围800 - 1700纳米,抛光或弥@ 漫性窗口

                UPD-35-UVIR-P,UPD-35-UVIR-D:超快的InGaAs PIN光电探测器,上升时间<35 ps的,带宽> 10 GHz时,光谱范围350 - 1700纳米,抛光或弥漫性窗口

                UPD-50-SP,UPD-50-SD,UPD-50-UD,UPD-50-UP:超快硅PIN光电探测器,上升时间50 ps的,下降时间50 ps的,带宽> 7 GHz的
                频谱范围170 - 1100纳米或320 - 1100纳米,抛光或弥漫性窗口

                UPD-100-IR1-P:超快光电探测器戈,上升时间<100 ps的,脉冲宽度(FWHM)300 PS,光谱范围400 - 2000纳米

                UPD-3N-IR2-P:快速砷化铟镓光电探测器,红外扩展范围可达2.1&微M,上升时间150 ps的

                UPD-5N-IR2-P:快速砷化铟镓光电探测器,红外扩展范围可达2.6&微M,上升时间为200 ps

                Introducing the UPD Series of Ultrafast Photodiodes

                      The UPD series of ultrafast photodetectors are best suited for measurement of optical waveforms from DC to 25 GHz. Various models feature rise times as short as 15 ps and cover the spectral range from 170 to 2600 nm.

                      All photodiodes are enclosed in compact and solid aluminum housings and can be biased with a battery or an external power supply.

                      The UV-extended versions of the silicon type photodetectors are the only commercial products that cover the spectral range from 170 to 1100 nm.

                      Another type of unique UV-sensitive InGaAs photodetectors can be used for detecting laser pulses in the range from 350 to 1700 nm, thus having the widest spectral range and the highest speed commercially available.

                      Perfect impedance matching and state-of-the-art microwave technology assure pulse form measurements without any ringing or artefacts. The customer is free to use a 50 Ω terminating resistor for highest speed operation, or a high impedance load for obtaining large signals. This guarantees maximum flexibility for diverse applications.

                     In combination with our BBA series of wideband high-gain amplifiers, the high-speed photodetectors are an advantageous alternative to the expensive and cumbersome avalanche photodiodes.

                The UPD series high-speed photodetectors are indispensable tools for laser and photonics research.


                Features of the Photodiodes

                Ultra High-Speed Operation

                Rise Times: starting from 15 ps

                Bandwidths: up to 25 GHz

                Spectral Ranges: 170 - 2600 nm (UV to IR)

                Compact Design

                Battery or External Power Supply

                Models for Free-Space Beam,
                or with FC/PC Receptacle
                or Pigtailed with SM Fiber


                Applications of the Photodiodes

                Pulse Form Measurements

                Pulse Duration Measurements

                Precise Synchronization

                Mode Beating Monitoring

                Heterodyne Measurements


                New Photodetector Models Available: Faster Rise Times & Wider Wavelength Ranges

                UPD-15-IR2-FC: Ultrafast InGaAs PIN photodetector, rise time < 15 ps, bandwidth > 25 GHz, spectral range 800 - 1700 nm, fiber-coupled input with FC/APC connector

                UPD-35-IR2-P, UPD-35-IR2-D: Ultrafast InGaAs PIN photodetectors, rise time < 35 ps, bandwidth > 10 GHz, spectral range  800 - 1700 nm, with polished or diffuse window

                UPD-35-UVIR-P, UPD-35-UVIR-D: Ultrafast InGaAs PIN photodetectors, rise time < 35 ps, bandwidth > 10 GHz, spectral range 350 - 1700 nm, with polished or diffuse window

                UPD-50-SP, UPD-50-SD, UPD-50-UD, UPD-50-UP: Ultrafast Si PIN photodetector, rise time 50 ps, fall time 50 ps, bandwidth > 7 GHz,
                spectral range 170 - 1100 nm or 320 - 1100 nm, with polished or diffuse window

                UPD-100-IR1-P: Ultrafast Ge photodetector, rise time < 100 ps, pulsewidth (FWHM) 300 ps, spectral range 400 - 2000 nm

                UPD-3N-IR2-P: Fast InGaAs photodetector, extended infrared range up to 2.1 &micro;m, rise time 150 ps

                UPD-5N-IR2-P: Fast InGaAs photodetector, extended infrared range up to 2.6 &micro;m, rise time 200 ps