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                • 产品品牌   Alphalas
                • 产品型号   BBA Series
                • 产品描述   可变增益模式BBA-100-VG提供了在不同的应用最大的灵活性。振幅放大到100倍。...

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                      BBA Series-web.jpg

                   The BBA series ultrafast broadband amplifiers find universal applications in telecommunications, high-speed electronics and especially in laser and photonics research.

                       The BBA series are primarily designed to amplify the signals of our UPD series ultrafast photodetectors. This combination is an inexpensive replacement for avalanche photodiodes.

                     The +20 dB gain version BBA-10 (x10 amplitude amplification) features extremely low noise of only 2.8 dB. The BBA-10-4HP is the high power/high-frequency version with up to 70 mW output power and peak amplitude of max. 2.6 V on 50 Ohm load. This model is indispensable when a high output level and a wider bandwidth are required. The gain expands up to 4 GHz and +13 dB. The high-power BBA-1W model has 1W output power in the range 50 MHz to 1 GHz.

                      Even higher gain (x15 or x100) is available from the models BBA-15 and BBA-100.

                      The variable gain model BBA-100-VG provides maximum flexibility in diverse applications. Amplitude amplification up to 100 times allows detection of low level signals.

                      The single voltage supply and the compact design assure user-friendly operation.




                Extremely Broad Bandwidth

                Low Noise

                High Gain

                Noise Immunity

                Compact Coaxial Design





                High-Speed Electrical Measurements

                High-Speed Optical Measurements

                Laser Research

                Photonics Research

                Photon Counting

                AOM Driver

                Laser Diode Driver