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                更新:2016-5-20 13:17:30      点击:
                • 产品品牌   Alphalas
                • 产品型号   IR-VIS Series
                • 产品描述   IR-VIS系列是独有的红外到可见光适合CW和脉冲红外激光源转换器以⌒及红外∴激光二极管。 红外到可见光转换器,红外激光束展示台,红外探测器:IR-VIS系列...

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                   The IR-VIS series from ALPHALAS are unique infrared-to-visible converters suitable for CW and pulsed IR laser sources as well as IR laser diodes. They are ideally suited for tasks like detecting invisible IR radiation, identifying mode structure, etc. Therefore, the visualizers are indispensable tools for every laboratory using Nd:YAG or other IR lasers.

                      Based on a special durable ceramic-like material, the detectors combine high sensitivity with high damage threshold. In contrast to other conventional infrared-to-visible converters, the IR-VIS series from ALPHALAS do not need any activation with daylight or UV light and can therefore be used in darkened rooms. In addition, the irradiated area does not bleach. If the surface of the active area has been damaged, the upper layer can be simply removed using a fine file or sand paper. The new fresh surface is as good as the original one.

                     The standard -S and -D models cover two IR spectral ranges from 800 nm to 1100 nm and from 1460 nm to 1600 nm, resulting in green and orange emission correspondingly. The diameter of the active area is 15 mm or 40 mm. The -S models are single-sided and the -D model is double-sided.

                     The special -QM model is for Q-switched and modelocked lasers only. It is based on an efficient second-harmonic generation process and covers the wide spectral range from 800 nm to 1400 nm. It is also double-sided and has a diameter of 30 mm.



                High Sensitivity

                High Damage Threshold

                Cover Wide Spectral Ranges

                No Activation Needed

                No Bleaching



                Detection & Visualization of IR Radiationfrom CW Lasers, Pulsed Lasers, and IR Laser Diodes

                Identification of Mode Structure